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Roulette Wheel Tampering

The 1930s were very important. Around that time the government of Nevada made the game of roulette and betting legal. Back in those days there were various ways of defeating the roulette wheel. However, once the game was made legal, all those methods that had appeared where banned as well but certain Vegas gambling houses still used the methods to cheat their clients.

Manipulating the wheel

One way was to have an uncommon wheel. These wheels were sometimes changed so that certain numbers came out chosen more often than others. In certain states, those wheels could be found after the methods were banned. In order to stop gambling houses from continuing their illegal methods, the government had to create special comities to control them. They had to find and confiscate the one-sided wheels they found.

The problem with method is that bettors don't have many chances of reporting that the gambling house cheated on them.

Nowadays, in Nevada there are not unlawful gambling houses. And the gambling houses there do not have any tricky methods to cheat bettors.


Another cheating method to use when playing a roulette game is to make use of a lodestone. The idea is that you place four lodestones encircling the wheel. You can control the lodestone by remote and force the ball to land on the number you have chosen.