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Roulette Wheel History

One of the oldest games available at contemporary gambling houses is roulette. If you have a look at the origins of the game you will note that there are several stories dating back to the Romans’ time. In fact, the game of roulette was created in the Gallic country more than three centuries ago. The man in charge of coming up with such a wonderful game was Blaise Pascal, who was a mathematician that wanted to develop a game that comprised gambling and a wheel.

French influence

As a matter of fact the word roulette is a diminutive of the French word “rouelle” that means wheel. When some European visitors went to France and saw the game they fell in love with it and took it back to Germany. However, a few years later the game became very popular in Monte Carlo and this made the city a very fashionable spot.

There are some stories that account the creation of the first roulette wheel made by the Blanc brothers. In fact, they were the ones of coming up with a single zero slot wheel because the King of Monaco had asked them to introduce some interesting changes to the game.

Changes to the wheel

Once they added the single zero slot to a wheel, the Blanc brothers realized that this new slot would give the gambling houses an advantage and would also help them avoid losing money. They were in need of money and tried to sell their version of the wheel to Germany but the Germans had already prohibited the game in the country.

However, the king of France wanted to improve the financial situation in the area and decided to build a gambling house with the help of the Blanc brothers. Somehow, the game appeared in America a few years after that and the gold rush made it a very popular game among miners. However, the Americans introduced another change to the wheel. This time they added a double zero slot, this in turn increased the advantage of the house. As a result several different methods of increasing the winning chances when playing roulette have appeared ever since.

Nowadays, there are not only traditional gambling houses but also gambling houses available on the net where people can also enjoy a game of roulette.