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Roulette Top Hatting

Although there are several strategies to defeat a roulette game, there are some of them that are more common than others. Let's have a look at it.

Top hatting

If you put this strategy into use you need to be aware of another strategy called past posting. Keep in mind that the croupier of the roulette table will be part of the swindle too.

Risky association

This is a key aspect of the strategy because you need to make an association and also because that association should be with a croupier. This is quite difficult because you have to work together with somebody else. Furthermore, if the trickster has to work together with the croupier there will be a kind of nervousness experienced by the trickster because the associate actually is an employee of the gambling house and might reveal the situation.

You need to plan your move really carefully. The croupier has to do the top hatting strategy by getting a counter and placing it on the chosen number. This can be very beneficial for both sides. However, you have to be careful because most gambling houses nowadays have a closed circuit of cameras. This means that they record everything that happens at the gambling house. Therefore, this cheating strategy is easily detected.