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The Savannah Move Roulette Strategy

If you are going to make use of a strategy to swindle the roulette game you need to take into account the structure and design of the table. Nowadays, there is a new strategy called savannah that was created by Richard Marcus. Back in the days he was a major gambling house trickster even when he seemed to be a charming person.

Putting the strategy to work

This is what you need to do. First of all, get two counters, one should be worth five dollars and the other should be worth five thousand dollars. The higher counter should be placed under the five dollars counter. Make sure that when you place your counters, the croupier does not notice the higher counter. You could move the counter with the higher value towards the croupier. He won't realize that you have placed two counters. After that place your bet.

If fortune is not on your side you simply take your counters away. This is when the structure, design and your position come to play a part. Ideally, you shouldn't gamble on the high payments but on the outer part. If the croupier sees you, you fail.

The bet is made

If the croupier does not see you, you can simply continue gambling. If the croupier realizes that - you can always pretend that you are tipsy. Therefore, it is advisable to have a glass of wine with you.

If you win you will be paid for two five dollars counters. However, as you gambled one five dollars counter and one five thousand dollars counter you will win a lot of money.
It is quite dangerous to put this strategy to work and you should only make use of it if you are a very skilled bettor.