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The Most Common Roulette Cheating and Scam Methods

Due to the fact that there are a lot of tips and legal methods to win at wheel, there is no need to apply for a roulette system scam. For sure you will have more chances to win if you use roulette system scam. However, it shouldn't be attempted unless the methods are claimed legal in the casino you gamble. Generally, actual affecting the result of spins is considered to be illegal.

Legal Cheating Methods

The use of predictive devices is accepted as legal method of cheating in almost half of casinos. But it doesn't mean that roulette computers are welcome. If one is caught he is no more allowed to casino. However, predictive devices are worth risking as it is the most effective and easiest way to beat the roulette games. The most popular device is a manual clicks. The computer studies the deceleration rates, in this way it makes a prediction on the pocket where the roulette ball will fall in.

Illegal Cheating Methods

    Review of Legal and Illegal Roulette System Scam Methods
  • One of the simplest techniques is wheel gaffing that is tampering with roulette wheel. For instance, you can make something like a biased wheel by loosening the frets while no one is watching. It will make ball come to a certain area of the wheel more frequently than to any other.
  • In most cases wheel gaffing is used by bribed casino staff who collaborate with the players. A casino worker can also slightly warp or bend the roulette wheel rotor shaft. So, deceleration of the wheel becomes a slightly uneven. If the roulette wheel is tilted, particular slots will be under the ball drop point much more often.
  • Rigged wheel is method that is used by casino houses to cheat the players. The ball with a magnet in it is appeared to be more predictable. But this type of cheating is very rare, as casinos don't want to risk the license. Rigged wheels can be found in casinos where the gambling is not regulated by the law.
  • In the history of roulette gambling there was an incident of using the ball with magnets inside. The players could control the moving of the ball to the betted numbers. The scammers were caught, but the casino stayed surprised at how they managed to change the ball without being noticed.
  • One more very simple method of scamming is dipping the wheel. Leaning against the roulette table influences the track of the ball moving track. But leaning is very rare as modern casinos strictly prohibit it. Moreover, wheels usually are protected with Perspex.

In conclusion we would like to remind that cheating is illegal, and at best you will just pay a penalty and be thrown from the casino, if you are caught in cheating.