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Roulette Rules

The typical image you will get when you go to have a roulette session is a table with a wheel in one of the ends and a numbered grid with different colours, and bettors sitting on all sides of the table. Roulette is the most well-liked game at gambling houses. The basic principle is that bettors gamble in opposition to the gambling house.

Purpose of the game

The main purpose of a roulette game is to try to predict which number or colour will come out when the wheel is swirled and place a gamble of a certain number of chips. If the number and/or colour you placed your gamble on are chosen, you will win. Otherwise, you lose the chips you gambled and you have to bet again.

A roulette wheel has a number of foundations you need to know of. In the case of the American style wheel the different bettors are given counters of different colours so as to steer clear of uncertainty. The traditional tables of roulette allow more than seven bettors to enjoy a roulette session at the same time. It is important for you to know that each roulette table has a dealer, who is in charge of receiving the gambles you place and to give the bettors their winnings. The dealer also is in charge of swirling the wheel that has a standard size of three feet of diameter. Each wheel in the American style roulette game has 38 slots of different colours. Remember that the American wheel has a single zero and a double zero slots that are not red or black but green.

Numbers and gambles

One thing you need to know is that the order of the numbers in a wheel is not continuous. They all appear in random order. However, if you have a detailed look you will note that:

  • The numbers that are up front from each other differ by one number
  • Red odd numbers are up front right beside a high black even number
  • If you add the numbers in different ways you will see that the result you get is always 37 or 39.

If you go for a roulette game there are more than ten different gambles you can place. Of course, the payment you get will depend on the kind of gamble you placed and the chances of that gamble as well. There are two major kinds of gambles. One of them is the inside gamble, the other is the outside gamble. Make sure you get familiar with all the different alternatives you have for each of the types.