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Roulette Casinos"Best Roulette Casinos" Privacy and Legal

"Best Roulette Casinos" Privacy and Legal

FOLLOWING PORTAL http://BestRouletteCasinos.net - "Best roulette casinos" has safeguards in place to secure and store visitor information. This policy talks about how FOLLOWING PORTAL gathers website information and puts it to use. We can change the conditions and policies in this website anytime. By going to FOLLOWING PORTAL, you agree to these conditions.

The Gathered Information

In general, FOLLOWING PORTAL's policy states only to gather personal visitor information that visitors knowingly decide to share. Whenever you visit FOLLOWING PORTAL's website, the servers will gather general information, which might be put to use in order to generate visitor aggregate statistics. Other general gathered information at FOLLOWING PORTAL would include:

  • Visitor's date and time
  • Computer online address
  • The used operating system and browser
  • Viewed pages
  • Previously visited pages

Best roulette casinos keeps a database of users that is independent of online operations. This database information is taken from the sign-up applications that visitors voluntarily provide. Through such applications, FOLLOWING PORTAL's gathered personal information would include your name, email address, physical address, and telephone number, along with other voluntarily provided information.

Information Use

FOLLOWING PORTAL puts the gathered website information to use to improve its visitor service on the website. BEST ROULETTE CASINOS PORTAL might put this submitted information to use on FOLLOWING PORTAL through these ways:

  • To replay to questions and offer up services
  • To tell you about certain information and events
  • For joint and personal purposes of marketing
  • To replay to questions, complaints and various other communications