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Roulette - the Queen of Casinos

Napoleon Bonaparte, Catherine the Great, Selim III played the roulette wheel, so does the whole world today. Roulette has deep history that is traced back to the ancient China, Roma and Greece. However, the motherland of modern roulette is considered to be France. Today there are roulette variations that have different rules and odds. All of them you can find in online casinos. The electronic roulette is getting more and more popularity as gamblers think virtual casinos to be more favorable than brick and mortar casinos. Electronic roulette is more honest than real one because it is almost impossible to cheat the wheel or be cheated by a dealer online.

Secret of Success

Electronic or Online Roulette Wheel vs. Real Roulette Wheel

So, what makes the gambler’s blood run more quickly, when they are watching the spinning ball on the wheel? Why observers are glad for the winners and sympathize with losers? The answer is hidden in the game itself. At first glance roulette is a game of chance - we don’t know where the ball will land and cannot influence it legally.

On the other hand, the various bets make it possible to work out the strategy to win more frequently. For this reason there are millions of gamblers who come to Monte Carlo and Las Vegas in order to try new types of strategies. Free electronic roulette gives you the opportunity to try the effectiveness of your strategy without risking money.

Principles of the Game

The aim of roulette is to guess the number, a combination or type of numbers or the color of the slot, where the ball will fall in. Players buy chips and make their bets by placing the chips on the appropriate box or intersection of lines on the table layout.

Then, a dealer or a croupier activate the wheel and drop the ball on it. The players can make bets until the dealer says “No More Bets”. After the ball stops, the croupier put a marker on the roulette table on the winning number. He pays out winnings and takes away losing chips.

Roulette Betting

There are two main types of bets in all variations of roulette: inside and outside. Inside bets include bets for 1-6 numbers. Each type of bet has its own name, payout percentage and probability. Inside bets are the most rewarding but involve the higher risk, as the probabilities are very low.

The other type of roulette bets - outside - involves betting on more than 6 numbers, even/odd, low/high numbers and colors of the slots - red or black. These bets are at low risk with high probabilities; however, the payouts are low as well. On the other hand, if the amount of betted money is high the winning will be big too.