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No Zero Roulette

There is only one gambling house in the whole world that has no advantage in the roulette game. Betfair gambling house has a wheel that is ideal for bettors. The particular thing about their wheel is that it does not contain the single or double zero slots. If you want to have a go and know what it feels like to have all the winning chances this is the one for you.

No advantage?

No Zero Roulette Game Online

The main reason why this gambling house does not have zero slots in their wheels is fairly simple. For instance, let's suppose you gamble one dollar on a single number, you know that there are 35 possible negative results. In other words, your chances of winning are 35 to 1. In the long run, this will be extremely beneficial for you.

If you place your gamble on a colour and not a number you still have 50% of the winning chances.

No Zero Roulette? How it works

You can get a lot of information on the subject of wheels that don't have a zero slot. The most important thing to remember is that Betfair online casino does not allow bettors to place minimum gambles. Instead they have a policy of maximum gambles, which are quite low.

The basic rule in this kind of wheel is to make use of strategies such as the Martingale. For instance, you place a gamble of one dollar on red. If your gamble is not the winning one, the following time you gamble you should place two dollars on the same colour. If you continue to double your gamble every time you don't win, eventually you will win and you will get back what you lost.

There is another strategy you can make use of called 1-3-2-4. Every time you win, you continue gambling like one, three, two and four. If you lose you have to go back to the sequence.