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European Roulette

Basics of the European Style Roulette Game

European Style Roulette Game Online

Recent research carried out by gambling houses and experts on the field have revealed that the most attractive game at gambling houses is roulette. Although the game is purely based on fortune, more and more people are turning their attention to the roulette game. Since the game proved to be so successful, different version of the game have been developed. One of them is the European style roulette game.


The most important characteristic of the European style roulette game is that its slots are red and black and that it has 37 slots. One of those slots contains a single zero slot that is green. The single zero slot was added a few centuries ago in order to increase the house advantage.

How to play

Bettors who want to have a go at this version of roulette game will get counters that are worth different values and have to place them on the numbers and/or colours they choose. There is a dealer who is in charge of accepting gambles, swirling the wheel and paying bettors' winnings. The dealer will also let you know when it's time to stop gambling.

Those bettors who wagered on the numbers and/or colours that come out are the winners.

It is always a good idea to enjoy a European style roulette game when you go to a gambling house because the house advantage is only 2.7%. Apart from that it is an easy game to play and you will certainly have a good time.