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Biased Wheel

One thing most roulette bettors have in common is that they think they will find a wheel they can manipulate. Of course, a one-sided wheel is faulty and makes the swirling part not work well. In other words, the wheel is broken. As the wheel is made of a combination of wood metal it is only natural that there are imperfections. While the wheel is being made, people can put or extract certain things that can cause the problems in the swirling mechanism.

For instance, once there has been a good amount of use, the separator of the number 13 can grinded away and can start to become more opened than the other slots. This can give the chance to the bettor who went for that number to win the round.

Perfect wheels

The ideal roulette wheel should be well adjusted. You shouldn't be able to see any imperfections in the wheel.

Those wheels that are handled by croupiers who favour certain bettors can also be faulty. Most of the gambling houses' dealers have a lot of experience in the game and they know how to throw the ball in order to benefit a specific bettor.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger and his friends hold the record for the best strike on a roulette wheel. What they did was to clock the wheels in the gambling houses in Monte Carlo and discovered that there was only one-sided wheel in the whole gambling house. By means of fortune and a bit of wit Jagger won more than four million dollars.