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Roulette Ball Tripping

Bettors of the roulette game have had to go through many different problems. One of the most common ones in the past was that gambling houses had faulty wheels. However, when the game was made legal in the 1930s everything changed.

Once the roulette game was within the law and a committee was created to control gambling houses, the majority of the faulty were taken away from the gambling houses but adopted by the illegal gambling houses. This committee was really powerful and they could get to any gambling house and check any of wheels they wanted to see if they were right. The gambling houses had to abide by what the committee decided otherwise they would lose their license.

Some of the methods used to beat a roulette wheel include a variety of devices and strategies.

Making use of lodestones

If you want to have a go at a difficult method for defeating the roulette, you should opt for this one. The idea is that you set up four lodestones that are separated by the same space surrounding the wheel. As for the ball it should have a metal centre. You should attach the lodestones together and fasten them to a secret button. The idea is to force the ball to the numbers you have chosen so as to win the round.

Another alternative you have is to magnetize the slots you want the ball to land in. you need to make sure that you choose the slots in advance so that you can magnetize them.

Manipulating the wheel

Most wheels were not only manipulated by the gambling house employees but also by bettors who sometimes put their lives at risk for doing so. Remember that ages ago bettors could carry anything they wanted with them to the gambling house. Bettors went with their tools and tried to slacken the separators of the slots in the wheel. The idea was to stop the ball from springing back and to stay in the numbers they have chosen.

Throwing off balance

One more method to defeat the roulette wheel was to drill a hole on the track of the ball and to put a small peg in the hole. Ideally, the croupier or bettor had to pull a string so that the peg lowered and the ball landed on the numbers they had chosen. This is a very difficult method and it requires a very skillful bettor and/or croupier.