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History of Roulette Game One of the oldest games available at contemporary gambling houses are roulette games. If you have a look at the origins of the game you will note that there are several stories dating back to the Romans' time. In fact, the game of roulette was created in the Gallic country more than three centuries ago. The man in charge of coming up with such a wonderful game was Blaise Pascal, who was a mathematician that wanted to develop a game that comprised gambling and a wheel.


Rules of Roulette The main purpose of a roulette game is to try to predict which number or colour will come out when the wheel is swirled and place a gamble of a certain number of chips. If the number and/or colour you placed your gamble on are chosen, you will win. Otherwise, you lose the chips you gambled and you have to bet again.


Roulette Scams Due to the fact that there are a lot of tips and legal methods to win at wheel, there is no need to apply for a roulette system scam. For sure you will have more chances to win if you use roulette system scam. However, it shouldn't be attempted unless the methods are claimed legal in the casino you gamble. Generally, actual affecting the result of spins is considered to be illegal.


French Roulette Although there are different styles of roulette games, the French style version does not vary much from other alternatives. The idea is that the bettors place their gambles on the numbers and/or the colours they choose. The wheel in this version has 37 slots that are red and black. One of those slots is green and it contains the single zero.


Roulette Ball Tripping Bettors of the roulette game have had to go through many different problems. One of the most common ones in the past was that gambling houses had faulty wheels. However, when the game was made legal in the 1930s everything changed. Once the roulette game was within the law and a committee was created to control gambling houses, the majority of the faulty were taken away from the gambling houses but adopted by the illegal gambling houses.

The Best Roulette Casinos Online in the UK

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10 EuroGrand Casino Online Roulette Casino EuroGrand Casino £200 100% 10 500+ Download
2. Online Casino Plex Roulette Casino Plex £500 100% 10 200+ Download
3. 32Red Online Roulette Casino 32Red Casino £320 133% 10 450+ Download
4. UK Casino Club Online Roulette Casino UK Casino Club £100 100% 10 450+ Download
5. Betfred Online Roulette Casino Betfred Casino £200 100% 10 300+ Download
6. Go Wild Online Roulette Casino Go Wild Casino £200 100% 10 450+ Download
7. Omni Online Roulette Casino Omni Casino £100 100% 10 250+ Download
8. All Jackpots Online Roulette Casino All Jackpots £200 100% 10 400+ Download
9. Online Casino Tropez Roulette Casino Tropez £100 100% 10 300+ Download
1. Red Flush Online Roulette Casino Red Flush Casino £150 100% 10 450+ Download

Roulette Rules

Online Roulette Rules Roulette is a simple game and the only thing to get to know is the kinds of bets roulette offers to its players. All the bets have different odds of winning them and this info may also turn out to be extremely useful for all interested in roulette online. If you go for a roulette game there are more than ten different gambles you can place. The payment you get will depend on the bet you placed.


Biased Wheel

Biased Roulette WheelOne thing most roulette bettors have in common is that they think they will find a wheel they can manipulate. Of course, a one-sided wheel is faulty and makes the swirling part not work well. In other words, the wheel is broken.


The Savannah Move

Roulette Table and Casino ChipsIf you are going to make use of a strategy to swindle the roulette game you need to take into account the structure and design of the table. Nowadays, there is a new strategy called Savannah that was created by Richard Marcus.

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Roulette Variations Online casino offers the full range of roulette variations like French, European and American roulette for the taste of every roulette fan. You can choose every game you want including such rare games like Multi-color roulette, etc.


Roulette Bonuses Roulette bonuses are available for all online casino players the minute they make a deposit to the casino. There is one more type of bonuses that need no deposit. They are bonuses for regular players, who often visit the casino and play roulette. Commonly, such bonuses are given once a week, month or surprisingly.

Top Hatting

Roulette Top Hatting Although there are several strategies to defeat a roulette game, there are some of them that are more common than others. Let's have a look at it. Keep in mind that the croupier of the roulette table will be part of the swindle too.

Laser Scam

Roulette Laser Scam The majority of people have the idea that swindles can only happen at unlawful gambling houses with dangerous gang members involved. You will be startled to know that a few years ago a group of tricksters could walk away with their winnings like any other person.

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Roulette Wheel

Roulette Wheel Napoleon Bonaparte, Catherine the Great, Selim III played the roulette wheel, so does the whole world today. Roulette has deep history that is traced back to the ancient China, Roma and Greece. However, the motherland of modern roulette is considered to be France.

American Roulette

American Roulette One of the most popular games available in most gambling houses on the net is American style roulette. This version of the game has a roulette dealer who swirls the wheel and throws a ball as well as accepts the bets from the players. The object of the game is to gamble on a number or colour that you think will come out when the wheel slows down.

European Roulette

European Roulette If you want to enjoy a European style roulette and you are only new to the game it is important to learn all the peculiarities of this roulette game. Recent research carried out by gambling houses and experts on the field have revealed that the most attractive game at gambling houses is roulette.